Walking Speed – Is It REALLY That Important?

Spoiler Alert: We Think So! By: Brie Darcy, PT, DPT There has been a lot of buzz in the medical community recently about walking speed. It’s even earned itself a nickname as “the 6th vital sign,” including claims that it may provide as much medical value as more...

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Breaking Through With Moterum – Stories of Success!

By: Brie Darcy, PT, DPT You may have read our recent article on the recovery plateau in stroke rehabilitation and tips for breaking through a recovery plateau. Plateaus can look like a slowing or stalling of your stroke recovery. Often occurring several months...

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Counting Steps Matters!

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Through Step Tracking—Why Step Count Can Make a Difference One of the most important aspects of stroke recovery and rehabilitation is, quite simply, continuing to work the program. Especially...

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Don’t Stop Walking!

By Lauren Rashford, DPT, Director of Clinical Operations and Customer Development  of Moterum Technologies. Walking really may be the best medicine yet… Did you know that there have been more and more studies showing that walking can truly improve your overall health?...

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How important are 10,000 steps?

            The benefits of walking for overall health, longevity, and the quality of life are well accepted. As long as one's physician has not curtailed walking for some reason, generally all scientists and clinicians agree that the more steps one can take the more...

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