Moterum Chosen As A Digital Dynamo at the 2020 DOCSF conference before JP Morgan HealthCare Conference

According to their website, “The Digital Orthopedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) is a high impact experience focused on the implementation of digital technologies in health care. Moterum is proud that DOCSF chose Moterum as a “Digital Dynamo”, as we are absolutely implementing digital technologies in the space of neural health care. According to the selection committee, “Digital Dynamos are companies of any size using forward-thinking technologies to optimize the inpatient, outpatient and operational aspects of care in any vertical,” and we were chosen out of 50 companies  ( ).

The DOCSF conference

The DOCSF conference itself was an excellent event, with numerous talks from leaders in the digital health space and good networking opportunities. I thought the talks given by Matt Wilpers, Peloton Cycling Team member, were among the best. Moterum has always considered Peloton an amazing example of a digital wellness and fitness platform, and excellent example of what remote engagement can achieve for wellness. Matt actually started the day off with stretches and movement activities that could be done right at our tables in the auditorium.

Moving more is better

This start by Matt was consistent with Moterum’s core understanding, that “moving more is better”. Even just the 15 minutes of stretching the participants in the audience engaged in, according to Matt, can improve health. Paraphrasing Matt he said we should all try to move everyday, above and beyond our movements needed for daily living.

Moterum is the first mover in moving first

I loved hearing this, as it supports Moterum’s mission, that by moving more, neural survivors will improve their overall medical conditions, independence, and wellbeing. I often remind the Moterum Team that “Moterum is the first mover in moving first.” As a chronic care treatment and management technology company, focused on neural survivors, we believe that reduced movement and activity is at the base of all chronic disease, but is especially important in neural conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s. Neural conditions can so impair one’s ability to move so much that movement all but stops, and any change in helping move more can significantly change their life.

Everyday, everyone on the Moterum Team focuses on helping neural survivors move more, move better, move faster, and move farther, and by doing so we help neural survivors and their loved ones not only improve their health but also their independence.

At Moterum we strive to bring hope to all stroke survivors and their families, hope that you can continue to get better. We do and will work to support you in these efforts. We have recently begun taking pre-sale orders on the Moterum iStride DeviceTM , the product born from these and other clinical efforts. If you would like more information, please contact us here.

Sincerely, David E. Huizenga
CEO Moterum Technologies, Inc.

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