On October 31, 2019, the President proclaimed November 2019 as “National Family Caregivers Month.”  (https://caregiveraction.org/presidential-proclamation-2019).  Families experiencing the challenges of neural disorders or trauma know the challenges on the primary caregivers.  From support within the home, to support in transport for clinical activities, to communicating with clinicians, the caregiver’s role and responsibilities are all encompassing.

Over the years, as CEO of Moterum Technologies, I have had the honor of speaking with many stroke fighters, as well as their caregivers. I hold close to my heart, the honest discussions of the struggles, difficulties, and feelings these families have shared with me. These discussions not only help me remember daily why the Moterum Team does what it does, but they also inform the design and development of our products.  As we close the first week of Caregiver’s Month and focus our intentions on how to support caregiver’s over the rest of the month, let us all uplift the caregiver’s in our lives and thank them. I close with the statement from the proclamation that I have written out and placed on my computer:

“The responsibility of serving and supporting another person can be challenging, and the strength and compassion exhibited by caregivers is one of the greatest manifestations of genuine love we witness in this world.”

May we all strive to manifest a “caregiver” love to all those that need it.


David Huizenga


Moterum Technologies, Inc.

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