We’re building solutions to help survivors of a stroke or other neural impairments get back on the trail, while working with their own medical team in the comfort of their own home.

Making Strides in Neural Rehabilitation™

Using standard metrics, the Moterum iStride™ Solution has been shown in clinical assessments to help those with gait problems learn to walk faster, with better balance and gait function.

The after-effects of a stroke or other neural trauma can be devastating. Impaired mobility can make even the most routine tasks feel like a challenge. At Moterum, we develop new technologies designed to improve mobility after neurological episodes like strokes or chronic neural disorders. Because neural survivors aren’t just patients. They’re people. And we want those people to return to the rich, full lives they remember.

Neural survivors are often cared for in a myriad of ways by unpaid caregivers, whether family or friends. The Moterum iStride Solution™; is designed to take advantage of any support network, to improve not just the survivor’s gait, but the process of rehabilitation itself.

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