Counting Steps Matters!

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Through Step Tracking—Why Step Count Can Make a Difference One of the most important aspects of stroke recovery and rehabilitation is, quite simply, continuing to work the program. Especially once you get home. But it’s a frustrating...

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Don’t Stop Walking!

By Lauren Rashford, DPT, Director of Clinical Operations and Customer Development  of Moterum Technologies. Walking really may be the best medicine yet… Did you know that there have been more and more studies showing that walking can truly improve your overall health?...

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How important are 10,000 steps?

            The benefits of walking for overall health, longevity, and the quality of life are well accepted. As long as one's physician has not curtailed walking for some reason, generally all scientists and clinicians agree that the more steps one can take the more...

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Clinical Trial in Progress!

Moterum Technologies is excited to announce that we have officially started our Home-Based Clinical Trial Study in Charlotte, NC! We have 10 participants who are in progress with their treatment on our iStrideTMdevice, and we continue to enroll more each day! Our...

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We design, develop, and test high impact products in the field of mobility and rehabilitation

Our projects arise from recognizing the unsolved problems of mobility challenged people.  We solve these problems with new technology that we develop to help you and your family live full lives. Our company is focused on sourcing, designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling the highest quality products to significantly impact people through addressing the problems of stroke rehabilitation and other chronic neural disorders.

Currently we have made a next generation device, which is currently being tested in a home based trial, for which we are actively recruiting participants.