Did you know that November is National Family Caregivers Month?

This month especially, but every month, we try to express gratitude and encouragement to the special, selfless individuals who provide support and care to those that need it. Navigating life after stroke provides numerous challenges and we are very appreciative of the exceptional individuals who help make the journey a little bit easier.

This month our Success Stories highlights a stroke fighter/caregiver pair who were part of one of our clinical trials with the Moterum iStride Device™. This special mother/daughter duo is Sue and Louise!

Sue was at work when she experienced her stroke. At the young age of 43, this medical event felt unexpected and life-changing. Sue describes the immediate events after her stroke as very challenging – “I couldn’t walk or even sit up on my own. I was in the hospital for a month with three therapies per day.” After leaving the hospital, Sue was unable to live on her own and subsequently moved in with family to assist in her care. Despite persistent weakness in her left arm and leg, Sue reports that “after I got home, my insurance visits for therapy got used up pretty quickly and I had nothing.”

Sue learned of the Moterum iStride Device™ clinical trial through an advertisement on Facebook. When we met Sue in July of 2018, she was approximately 6 years post-stroke. Sue walked with an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) to help clear her left leg while walking. She also lived with her mom, Louise.

During her treatment with the Moterum iStride Device™, there were two constants – Sue’s motivation to work her hardest during each treatment session and the positivity and support of her mother, Louise. During each session, Louise was present with an encouraging word, an expression of gratitude, and occasionally a Klondike bar☺

Louise exemplifies the support that is so beneficial after a major life-changing event, such as a stoke. In addition to encouraging Sue in her recovery, Louise takes an active role in the stroke community at large with involvement in local stroke support groups, participating in community events (such as the recent Heart Walk hosted by the American Heart and American Stroke Associations), and even providing valuable feedback to the Moterum team during Sue’s clinical trial.

With Louise by her side, Sue excelled using the Moterum iStride Device™. At the end of her participation in our clinical trial, she had the following comments regarding her treatment:

“I started noticing changes within a month. I noticed I didn’t swing my affected leg as much. When I stepped, I didn’t try to catch up with it, it became more normal. [The device] made me more aware of my gait mechanics. I paid attention to what I was doing more. My balance was also a lot better when I took the device off. And I noticed I could walk longer periods of time without sitting down.”

Sue’s comments likely reflect the substantial improvements achieved in her walking speed and balance. Testing of Sue’s mobility revealed a gait speed improvement of 90% and higher functional balance scores on all assessed metrics from before to one-week after completing her 12th treatment session with the Moterum iStride Device™. Way to go, Sue!!

When asked if she would recommend the iStride™ device to others in similar situations, Sue replied “I would definitely recommend [the device] to others. It would be good for anyone who still needs PT. I would tell them to appreciate it, and do it, because it does work.” Louise, who also expressed noticing the significant improvement in Sue’s mobility, offered the following sentiment, “I’m just happy this has come about because it’s really helped her.”

This month, as we honor stroke fighters and the people that lift them up during difficult times, we are especially grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful individuals – like Sue and Louise.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

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