There is a revolution happening within medicine, the revolution of “Digital Health.” The term Digital Health was coined by 2000 by Seth Frank(1). According to Nature Digital Health, it included , “internet-focused applications and media to improve medical content, commerce, and connectivity.”(2) Today, however, Digital Health has grown into multi-pronged, multi technology industry as shown in a report by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance(3).

Figure from Digital Therapeutics Alliance Report (4)


From this helpful diagram, you can see that Digital Health includes Telehealth, Personalized Health Care, Wearables and Sensors, Digital Therapeutics, Health Information Technology and Mobile Health (mHealth). Over this coming month, we are going to focus our blog and Newsletter on Digital Health issues. Moterum’s technology and products are focused on the full spectrum of Digital Health, with components that involve telehealth, artificial intelligence, sensors and analytics, mHealth, digital therapeutics, as well as personalized healthcare as discussed in the above from the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. In the coming weeks, we will provide information about a variety of Digital Health issues from FDA regulation to reimbursement, and the future of healthcare that will be dominated by these types of products and therapies. If you would like more information about Moterum’s efforts in helping stroke survivors after stroke continue and improve their stroke recovery, please reach out to us here.


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