Manuscript Published in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation Journal

We are thrilled to announce that our manuscript entitled “Wearable Gait Device for Stroke Gait Rehabilitation at Home” has been published in the journal, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation.

Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation is a leading journal devoted to the study and dissemination of interdisciplinary, evidence-based, clinical information related to stroke rehabilitation. 

This manuscript conveys the safety and efficacy results of an iStride treatment protocol for stroke survivors in the home environment. Clinical trial participants walked on the iStride device for a total of 12 sessions (3 times per week over 4 weeks) in their home environment. Our findings show statistically significant improvements on measures of walking speed, functional balance, fall risk, and quality of life. More specifically, 95% of participants improved their walking speed and 71% of participants improved an amount that is clinically meaningful. Additionally, 80% of participants improved their risk for falls to below the fall risk threshold on at least one outcome measure. 

We are grateful to the editor and reviewers of Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation for supporting our work and we look forward to sharing this publication with the rehabilitation community!

Our manuscript can be viewed here.


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