We want to bring hope to patients, families and their clinical practitioners by providing a solution that can help you live a full and happy life after experiencing a stroke.

Often stroke patients may feel that their mobility condition is just ‘how it is’, rather than seeing the possibility for a substantial or full recovery of mobility and independence.

Moterum Technologies focuses on the needs of mobility-challenged people due to disease, accident, or condition. We design, develop, and sell high impact products in the field of mobility and rehabilitation for those who have survived a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or spinal injury.

How We Serve

By providing enabling technology that will help stroke patients relearn how to walk safely and symmetrically, Moterum Technologies strives to change the lives of the 60 million plus stroke survivors, and millions of other neural trauma survivors around the world who struggle to walk on a daily basis.

The Moterum iStride Solution™ , covered by dozens of patent applications and issued patents, changes the gait of its user to re-pattern the user’s brain so they relearn how to walk, while monitoring, assessing, and engaging through a digital therapeutic platform. The device has successfully been used in clinical trials to help people walk faster, reduce fall risk, and improve balance. It is commercially available with a prescription


Our well-educated team maintains a diverse background dedicated to helping those in need by solving real-life problems. A list of our current products and descriptions is located here.

We design, develop, and test high impact products in the field of mobility and rehabilitation.

Our projects arise from recognizing the unsolved problems of mobility challenged people. We solve these problems with new technology that we develop to help you and your family live full, mobility independent lives. Our company is focused on sourcing, designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling the highest quality products to significantly impact people through addressing the problems of stroke rehabilitation and other chronic neural disorders.

Currently we have developed a next generation Moterum iStride Solution™, which has completed two clinical trials. We are also beginning clinical trials at Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital and the Greenville Health System in Greenville, SC with our lower limb stretching device for spasticity.

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