Restore Walking Independence Post Stroke

Moterum Chosen As Winner of the 2019 ACRM Stroke ISIG Outstanding Scientific Poster Award

Introducing Moterum’s Next Generation iStride Solution

Because every step is monitored and collected, and data from clinical tests are collected each users experience can be individually monitored and used to help them achieve the most that they can achieve.


The device is worn on the bottom of the unaffected leg of a stroke survivor, during treatment sessions


The Moterum Sensors collect data showing effort and improvement

Moterum Digital Platform

The Moterum Digital Platform keeps the user connected to their treatment plan and their clinicians

iStride Device

How the iStride Device Works

A patented unique wheel shape creates a therapeutic walking motion that stimulates neural re-patterning and improves walking mechanics

Clinical trials show significant improvements on the four key clinical metrics: 10 MWT, TUG, Berg

The Science Behind the iStride Device 
Explained by the Inventor Dr Kyle Reed

Moterum App

Integrated Virtual Visits & Video Conferencing

SaaS Platform with Experiential Engagement and Community

Digital Activities & Education Configured Into Therapies

Clinician Content Upload into Digital Interactive Library

Fall Risk Assessment and Management

Proven Gait Restoration

Specialized Neuro Sensors and Gait Analytics


Neulytic™ Engine and Algorithms

Proven Gait Restoration

Superior Cadence Capture

Better Symmetry Capture

The Moterum iStride Solution™ Has Been Shown to Help Those With Gait Problems


Users Improved in Gait Speed


Users With a High Fall Risk Improved to a Low Fall Risk


Users who were Home Ambulators Improved to Limited Community Ambulators

Moterum iStride Solution™ – Features and Benefits



Clinically Validated Therapeutic Device


Medical Grade Gait Analytics


Home Based Therapy


Telehealth Connectedness


Connected Community


Daily Activity Tracking


Clinically Validated Treatment

Long term Improvement in Walking Speed

Long term Improvement in Balance Metrics

Reduced Fall Risk

Fall Risk Measurement

Step Length Symmetry Detection and Correction

Do you or a loved one you care about, want to walk faster and better? Let us help you.

Ask us about recovery after stroke – to improve independence, happiness, and health through moving and walking better, through treatment and facilitation in comfort of your own homes.