iStride™ Device

Helping stroke survivors, one step at a time.™

The iStride™ Gait Solution is designed for those who have survived neural trauma, including strokes, and have been left with a hemiparetic gait—a gait in which one side is impaired. In the current generation of the device, the user straps the device over their own sneaker on their good leg. The spiral supports cause that foot to move backward when weight is applied to it—in a very specific, mathematical way—forcing the wearer to change their walking pattern. These sessions can take place in any walking environment, including the user’s own home, according to their individual pace and needs, to be determined in consultation with their own rehab team. Over time, with many uses, the new walking pattern helps many neural survivors walk faster and better without wearing the device.

Developed by Dr. Kyle Reed and his team at the University of South Florida—now one of the leading university gait research labs in the world—the device reproduces some of the effects of cost-prohibitive split-belt machines while allowing the user to learn in the environment where he or she naturally walks, even in the comfort of their own home. (US Patent No. 9295302.)

The iStride™ Gait Solution showed significant results in its first two clinical trials and will soon be available for purchase.

The Future

When the iStride™ Gait Solution becomes available to the public, it will be paired with sensors and walking analysis algorithms to help users, clinicians, and providers see the actual progress made by the user. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies are incorporated, bringing the most powerful tools of the information age to the future of stroke gait rehabilitation. Patients will be able to measure their progress through concrete data and share these updates at will with their therapists, their families, and even global support groups, connecting with other iStride™ Gait Solution users around the world to encourage each other on the journey toward relearning to walk.

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