The Moterum VRC Platform™

Your Complete Virtual Clinic to extend into your patients’ homes

Moterum's Next-Gen Telehealth Digital Therapeutic Platform

For Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Providers

For Better Chronic Care Management & Recovery

Developed With the Needs of Today’s Chronic Patients in Mind, to Better Manage the Rehab Process 

Your Digital A.I. Extender

Assessment, Treatment Plans and Outcomes Powered by A.I.

Real-time Video Conferencing

Telehealth and Virtual Care at Your Fingertips 

Outcomes and Usage Tracking

Manual and Sensor-based Outcome Measures and Automated Usage Tracking

High Touch Patient Platform

Notifications, Reminders, Blogs, Levels & Badges and Social Sharing

Remote Patient Monitoring

Technology for RPM Billing including CPT-99454 and CPT-99457 ***


Your Brand

Co-brand and Build Your Brand Recall


Discover the Power of Telehealth.

Ask us about Recovery and Rehab – to improve independence, happiness, and health, through treatment and facilitation in comfort of your own homes.

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