Lower Limb Stretching Device

Did you know that the pain caused by brain injury, stroke, neurodegenerative disease, or spinal cord injury can be alleviated by stretching and working the targeted muscles?

Many of those who suffer from from one of these injuries encounters two major roadblocks in the rehabilitation process: muscle spasticity and learned nonuse.

In order to help you heal and alleviate your pain, we created the Lower Limb Stretching Device. The device proves an effective method for stretching disabled limbs.

The device is affordable for and operable by family caregivers as well as rehabilitation professionals.

We design, develop, and test high impact products in the field of mobility and rehabilitation

Our projects arise from recognizing the unsolved problems of mobility challenged people.  We solve these problems with new technology that we develop to help you and your family live full lives. Our company is focused on sourcing, designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling the highest quality products to significantly impact people through addressing the problems of stroke rehabilitation and other chronic neural disorders.

Currently we have made a next generation device, which is currently being tested in a home based trial, for which we are actively recruiting participants.