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Managing neurolical conditions using technology to provide the highest level of care.

Find out how we may be able to work with you.

Personalized Care Team

A team of care Liaison’s and expert Clinicians, who manage and support you throughout your Journey of Better of Health.

Get Your Move On

You will have full access to our App that will include a tailored treatment plan built by your clinicians, daily engagement, and so much more!

Daily Health Checks

Take charge of your health and let us support you with easy to use devices to help monitor and track your health.

Our Process

Enter your details on

We will match you with a liaison

Our liaison will reach out with a personalized care plan

Our care team will visit you and work you through your care plan

iStride Device

Heal from home

Clinically validated device to be used in the comfort of your own home!


Restore your walking independence with the iStride Device


Improve your walking speed and mechanics

What Sets Us Apart

Virtual MD Visits

All of our MD visits are conducted via telehealth

Choose for PT Visits

We offer both virtual or in person at home physical therapy.

Personalized Care

Our Care is tailored for you!

People Love Moterum!

“This is giving me the opportunity to have hope again. From day one I felt like I was part of a team again”

“I now have freedom of movement… I sleep better and enjoy walking again, thank you… you have helped me back to a better life!”

Let Us Help You

One of the many things that sets Moterum apart are the patient care liaisons. As each patient has access to a team of liaisons, it creates an even closer connection while building rapport, trust and accountability. Knowing you have a supportive rehab team is one thing but also liaisons who truly care and encourage you through the good, and more importantly bad days you may face. They truly are an asset to this company.

Kelly, Charlotte, NC

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